One of the UK’s largest suppliers of wood-based biomass fuels White Horse Wholesale is aiming to meet demand for plastic-free packaging with the release of its pre-packaged EcoBlaze Kiln Dried Birch Firewood and Kindling in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes.

White Horse Firewood In Cardboard Boxes

Commenting on the launch, the company’s head of sales Matthew Stretch said: “Firewood is the original source of fuel, and when harvested and processed correctly it is a fantastic sustainable way to heat your home.

“Nonetheless as consumer demand for pre-packed firewood can hit a quarter of a million units a week, most of those packs are supplied in plastic bags. It therefore just made sense to support the general public’s desire to move away from plastic and supply our pre-packed EcoBlaze firewood in sustainable, recyclable cardboard boxes.”

The boxes are branded with a stamp from the Defra endorsed Woodsure Ready to Burn quality assurance scheme. This ensures that the firewood has a moisture content below 20%.

The White Horse Wholesale EcoBlaze range of firewood and kindling sits alongside the supplier’s existing range of natural firelighters and briquettes - ready for retailers to stock ahead of the autumn and winter seasons.