Retailers looking for a premium point of difference this Easter should consider Elizabeth Shaw’s new Large Flute Selection Egg (rrp: £10), which combines a milk chocolate egg with two full size boxes of the dark chocolate orange and the milk amaretto flutes. The egg  joins the firm’s existing Crisp Collection Egg, which has a crunchy texture, and its Famous Names dark chocolate egg, which targets men with a selection of Courvoisier, Harveys Bristol Cream, Drambuie and Grant’s branded liqueur chocolates.

“Easter can play a big part in the convenience sector due to consumers making last minute purchases over the Easter weekend,” says managing director Karen Crawford. “The need for convenience will continue to grow as people are now working longer hours and some are now working over the Easter period.”

She advises retailers to site their Easter display at the front of store. “This ensures that the consumer can get what they need fast when they need it. As soon as Christmas it over, stores need to be thinking about Easter and introducing a range of eggs at different price points to cater for all consumer’s needs.

“Trust is a key player in purchasing decision-making for consumers. If you are buying an Easter Egg for a loved one, you want to be certain that it is from a brand you trust, especially as it is likely you will be paying premium for something that little bit more special.”