Marcia Taylor
"Cocktail sausages are a must. I like them because they're a little taste of Christmas, but you don't feel guilty if you have just a couple. I stock up on Pringles over December. They feel a bit more special than normal crisps and the flavours are immense. Cheese-flavour savoury biscuit shapes and dry-roasted peanuts are yummy, too."

Rahul Sudra
"I really like mini pizzas. They're good for when you're snacking with friends around Christmas. And I can't resist Twiglets when I'm watching all those cheesy Christmas movies. I'm going to get teased for saying this, but I also still love advent calendar chocolates I don't think you ever grow out of them. Haribo jellies are also a hit in our household."

Kieran Poynton
"I love little sausages wrapped in bacon they're my favourites. We always have them with Christmas dinner and bring them out if we're entertaining over Christmas. We cook them in a honey and chilli sauce. You need cocktail sticks with them, though, or you burn your fingers. Celebrations are also great for when you're with your family."

Chris Williams
"I love marshmallows at Christmas. I like to melt them in the fire and dip them in chocolate. I also like the big sharing boxes of Quality Street. They make a great present, too, particularly the tins. Last Christmas I had to rush to our local c-store because we had run out of flour and couldn't make the gravy. It was the only place open; we were so relieved."

Charlotte Mays
"I have no idea why, but we always buy nuts at Christmas. No one ever really eats them, but it wouldn't be Christmas without them. I do find that I eat huge amounts of chocolate at Christmas, though. I absolutely loved those Mistletoe Kisses that Galaxy brought out last year. I ate far too many of those for my own good."

Sarah Clark
"Mince pies are my absolute favourite. I wish you could buy them all year round. Last Christmas Eve my local c-store was giving out warm mince pies free; they smelt so delicious and I don't think anyone left the store without buying a box. We also buy lots of cheese at Christmas, and always have a huge block of stilton, Cheddar and brie."