Cushelle has undergone a brand refresh and a £3m relaunch, with a new TV advert.

The new look packs have been updated with a new soft-touch film and offer a more luxurious look and feel that targets savvy shoppers looking for the balance between quality and value.

Also featured prominently on the revamped packs is a brand new product claim, “Made with Micro Air Pockets”, making the product soft and highly absorbent, Cushelle’s key point of difference amongst its branded competitors.

Sian Dixon, brand manager for Cushelle, said: “Cushelle appeals to shoppers looking to find the right balance between quality and value, which is exactly what we offer. With this relaunch, we want to emphasis Cushelle’s superior offering to shoppers and encourage them to make a purchase. Cushelle is ‘Made with Micro Air Pockets’ and it is this quality which makes it such a great product.”

SCA  brand, Cushelle will also be investing in an integrated marketing campaign to emphasise its superior offering and drive clarity around its point of difference in the branded toilet tissue sector.

Cushelle is available in pack sizes of four (RRP £2.22), 9 (RRP £4.86) 12 (RRP £6.48), 16 (RRP £7.65), 18 (RRP £8.60) and 24 (RRP £11.99).