Crespo has refreshed and extended its Olive du Marché pouch range to include new Reduced Salt olive snack pouch.

Crespo’s newly launched Reduced Salt Herb and Garlic flavoured olives contain only 53 calories per single 30g portion pouch and carry an rsp of 50p. RH Amar says they are strongly positioned to appeal to health conscious shoppers seeking a tasty, low-calorie, reduced salt content snack.

The brand has also relaunched its range of 70g Olives du Marché re-sealable snacking pouches. The new olive pouches have vibrant new pack designs as well as ‘hang holes’, making them ‘clip strip’ ready and more easily merchandisable alongside lunchtime chillers.

Crespo brand manager Sam Higgins said: “Crespo’s new reduced salt olives in a popular herb and garlic flavour widen the appeal of olives as they offer a superbly tasty olive snack that is low in calories and with a reduced salt content.”