Country Choice is harnessing the power of Cadbury and Oreo with its new doughnuts and muffins.

The collection - two Cadbury doughnuts, two Cadbury muffins and an Oreo chocolate doughnut - is sure to prompt sales, particularly when displayed in the accompanying branded paper sleeves and cups.

The 74g Cadbury chocolate doughnut has a chocolate base filled with chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate icing and curls. The 67g Cadbury caramel doughnut has a rich caramel sauce centre, finished with chocolate icing and caramel flavoured chocolate curls. Likewise, the Cadbury chocolate muffin is packed full of chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate icing and mini milk chocolate buttons, while the Cadbury caramel muffin is a riot of caramel flavours, decorated with caramel-flavoured curls.

The new 72g Oreo chocolate doughnut combines a chocolate base with a filling of vanilla-flavoured crème, topped with a layer of white icing and small Oreo cocoa cookie pieces.

The doughnuts come packed 48 to a case with a unit price of just 66.7p, while the generous 110g muffins are packed 24 to a case with a unit price of £1.25.

All the newcomers can be defrosted at room temperature for two to three hours, ready for display. Country Choice is also offering a new twin doughnut tray to promote multiple purchases.

For more information on the Country Choice Cadbury and Oreo lines call Freephone 0800 521366 or visit