GBP Range shot

Cottage Delight Family has launched The Great British Pantry, a range of sauces, chutneys, pickles, jams and curds. 

Offering 33% POR based on the rrp, the Great British Pantry range comprises: Smoky Barbecue Sauce (RRP: £2.89); Cracked Pepper Steak Sauce (RRP: £2.69); Bloody Mary Ketchup (RRP: £2.89); Rich Tomato Ketchup (RRP: £2.69); Sticky Chilli Jam (RRP: £2.49); Caramelised Onion Chutney(RRP: £2.79); Bramley Apple Chutney (RRP: £2.49); Chutney for Cheese (RRP: £2.79); Countryman’s Pickle (RRP: £2.49); Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve (RRP: £2.79); Morello Cherry Preserve (RRP: £2.79); All Butter Lemon Curd (RRP: £3.25) and Breakfast Marmalade (RRP: £2.49).

Cottage Delight sales director Shane Starkey said: “The Great British Pantry taps into key, current food trends. More and more of us are fed up with big business marketing mass produced products with no soul. Consumers are actively seeking more authentic products and experiences. And ninety percent of shoppers said they would be willing to pay more for British-made goods. “

The products were trialled by independent retailers who praised the range.

Harj Dhasee, who owns two ‘Village Stores’ in the Cotswolds and recently switched to Simply Fresh’s Sainsbury’s format said: “Sauces were the striking success for us, selling out in both shops. Barbecue sauces are something you buy on impulse. Everywhere else round here has Heinz and own label, but not better value and high-end products like The Great British Pantry, with a good margin and high repeat purchase rate.”

Mace retailer Dean Holborn, who operates Holborn’s Nutfield and Holborn’s Redhill, also trialled the range “The Great British Pantry has been a great success. At Holborn’s we like to showcase things that are new or have a point of difference and are a bit more niche. I would definitely recommend other retailers stock it.”