Corona has built a “WOOOHOOO” out of office email generator after discovering that Brits spend a whopping 95% of their work lives indoors.

What’s more, research also reveals that when Brits do take time off from work, 40% of them feel guilty about it, so much so that nearly a third (29%) took less than half of their holiday allowance in the space of 12 months. More worryingly is that when Brits do get a chance to escape the office, nearly half (48%, OnePoll, sample of 2,000 UK adults) of them said that their employer or colleagues expect them to be available on calls or emails during these days off, with 50% of Brits checking emails when they should be relaxing or exploring on holiday.

With 42% of workers across the world apologising in their out of office responses, Corona declares it’s time to stop saying sorry and instead say, “WOOOHOOO!” Corona wants to restore pride in spending more time outdoors with a generator that encourages people to say WOOOHOOO with three o’s for a reason – OUT OF OFFICE.

Those wanting to celebrate their time outdoors can share inspiring notifications with friends, family and co-workers by visiting to create a custom response for those times that they are on holiday or even when stepping outside of the office.

WOOOHOOO makes it easy for workers to generate an out of office. They simply insert custom dates, location, message and an image. The generator then provides an out of office GIF that features creative responses and imagery that can be used on email or social media. Once the out of office GIF has been created, it can be automatically added to an Out of Office message or downloaded to be shared on social.

Users can share their WOOOHOOO through their email or on social using #WOOOHOOO and tagging @Corona.