Comfort has launched a brand new advertising campaign that aired on TV on Monday (30th January).

The ‘Secret Life of Clothes’ campaign was backed by a substantial £5m marketing investment and aims to position the Comfort Intense range as the next generation fabric conditioner while modernising the brand by bringing Comfort to life in a fun way.

The advert features items of clothing that take on human-like personas when their owner has left the room. They discuss the great fragrance of the dress which has been washed in Comfort Intense which highlights the benefit of the product’s long-lasting fragrance.

The Comfort Intense range (RRP £3.65 for 38w pack, promo price £2 and RRP £5.50 for 64w pack, promo price £3) first launched in 2015 and feature an ‘ultra-concentrated formula, so consumers can get more washed from smaller, environmentally-friendly packaging. It also has a new dosing cap, to facilitate the 15ml amount needed for the wash.

Fernanda Tubini-Roberts, marketing manager for Comfort, said: “We are really excited for the launch of this fun and unique campaign which is set to raise awareness of Comfort Intense, making it more appealing to shoppers.”