Mandarin - high resolution

Coldpress has introduced a new mandarin flavour with added vitamins B, D and E to its range of nutritious drinks.

Andrew Gibbs founder of Coldpress explained that mandarins are a fantastic, low calorie winter fruit, jam-packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals: “Alongside the all-important vitamin C, which ably supports one’s daily immune system function, mandarins contain enviable quotas of two antioxidant phytochemicals (beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin) that your body turns to vitamin A, which supports good vision, a healthy immune system and positive growth development.

“The deliciously distinct sweetness of mandarins also supports our juice’s expanding ‘beyond breakfast’ appeal, a positive outcome (wider all-day family usage, mocktails….) fuelled by a growing appetite for healthier living offerings.”

The new flavour will be available to retailers in March.