Coldpress has announced the launch of three new nut milk shakes, which are high in protein and dairy-free.

Over the past 12 months, Coldpress has focused on introducing low sugar almond milk to mainstream consumers and the brand also wants to appeal to those who are health conscious and dairy intolerant.

Andrew Gibb, founder of Coldpress, said: ”Our fruity nut shakes are the next pit stop in our mission to bring superior taste and nutritional depth to the masses. One of the reasons we now produce in Britain is becuase our manufacturer is commited to producing fresh almond pastes on site, which offers a superior velvety textures compared to the pre-prepared pastes or powders pushed by others. As ever, our focus is giving historical ‘sackcloth’ categories a more indulgent, ‘nutritionally sound’ profile.”

The new flavours are: Strawberry Oat Cashew; Raspberry, Beetroot Almond; and Spiced Almond (rrp £1.99 per 250ml).