Cloetta brand Chewits has partnered with Rose Confectionery to launch a range of freeze-at-home ambient ice pops.

Available from next month, Chewits Tornados come in standard and sour Xtreme varieties. A pack of five is priced between £1.29- £1.49. Standard flavours include strawberry, cola and fruit salad, while Xtreme flavours include apple, tutti frutti and pineapple.

“Consumers respond well to flavour and sensory confectionery, which means that our sour products - Chewits Xtreme - are performing well and their growth is set to continue,” says marketing manager Caroline Hill. “Chewits has an incredibly loyal following, with many consumers having fond memories of eating them over the past 50 years. The opportunity to extend into a different food sector was one that couldn’t be missed and we believe that the Chewits Tornado range will prove to be hit with our ever-expanding fan base.”