Cathedral City has undergone a festive makeover to help products stand out on shelves and drive shopper engagement.

The packs have been given a new design with the addition of a winter snow-scape and seasonal greeting. 

Cathedral City marketing manager Jo Huergo, said: “We know the holiday period isn’t complete without a cheeseboard. We’re pleased to once again be bringing a festive touch to our packaging to help retailers maximise their sales at this important seasonal peak. 

“At a time of year when many households are entertaining friends and family Cathedral City, a much loved family favourite, is the go-to brand for guaranteed, consistent quality. The real star of the show is our Vintage 20 product, matured for 20 months to give it a crunchy, flinty texture and a full-bodied taste – perfect for the festive cheese board occasion.” 

Cathedral City products which have been given a makeover include 350g and 550g blocks of Cathedral City Mild, Mature, Mature Lighter, Extra Mature and Cathedral City Vintage 20.