Cathedral City, the nation’s favourite cheese brand, returned to TV screens this month, sponsoring ITV’s new quiz show, Britain’s Brightest Family.

The sponsorship deal, valued at £1.5m, launched earlier this month. It is the first time that Dairy Crest, Cathedral City’s parent company, has entered into a TV programme sponsorship deal since 2010.

The new adverts pose fun, quiz-style questions and presents family members in a series of cheese eating scenarios.

Nigel Marchant, cheese marketing controller at Dairy Crest, said: “We’re really excited to announce a new partnership with ITV1 which will see Cathedral City back on mid-week prime time TV. Britain’s Brightest Family is a fun celebration of family unity and we see this as a great complement to Cathedral City’s brand positioning and personality.

“We look forward to showing the British television-viewing public what the Cathedral City brand stands for and are confident that viewers will engage with our tongue in cheek idents, helping to further embed Cathedral City in consumers’ hearts and minds.”

The new Cathedral City advert will run for a total of 15 weeks