Dairy Crest is expanding its Cathedral City portfolio this October with the launch of a range of lactose free Cheddars, in response to increasing demand from consumers for free from alternatives.

The range is available in 200g blocks and consists of two variants; Mature and Mild. (rrp £2.25)

Jenny Blanco Barcia, senior brand manager for Cathedral City, said: “Demand for free from alternatives continues to grow, both amongst people who suffer from conditions or intolerances which lead them to avoid certain ingredients in their diet, as well as, increasingly, amongst people who believe free from alternatives are key to their healthy lifestyle. According to figures from Mintel, around four in ten adults now regularly buy free from food and drink, and within this 16% buy Lactose Free products (Mintel free from foods report December 2017).

“Whilst all aged, hard cheeses are naturally low in lactose, we are going the extra mile and testing every batch of our Lactose Free Cheddar to guarantee there is no lactose left, so whether consumers are lactose intolerant or it’s simply a lifestyle choice, they can still enjoy the great taste of Cathedral City.”