New CanO Water is offering consumers an environmentally friendly way to buy water.
CanO Water is great for both the environment and for your health as it provides a crisp and pure spring water in an eco-friendly resealable aluminium can. 

The cans are available through Whole Foods Market from January 2016 (rrp £0.99) and is available in both still and sparkling.

Founded by three friends seeking to provide a healthier, sustainable alternative to plastic bottled water, CanO Water are committed to minimising their environmental footprint by sourcing and canning their premium mineral water directly from springs in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.

Plastic water bottles can contain harmful chemicals that seep out over time, contaminating water. The brand says the environment can also suffer, as 80% of the world’s bottles end up in the ocean, and even recycled plastic bottles often end up in landfills, as plastic cannot be reused indefinitely.

CanO Water’s modern resealable technology combines the watertight convenience of a disposable plastic bottle with the eco-friendly recyclability of an aluminium can. Aluminium is one of the easiest materials to recycle, and can be reused indefinitely, with no chemicals or nasties.

According to the brand, about two thirds of the aluminium ever made is still in use, and a recycled can still looks sleek, shiny and new – just like CanO Water’s simple and stylish black and white cans. Perfect for busy Londoners on the go, you can throw them in your bag, take them to the gym, or stash them in your desk: their innovative watertight design ensures they won’t leak.

This fashionable and original design has rapidly made CanO Water a new favourite in the fashion industry, with an exclusive Topman partnership launching at the London Collections Men shows in January.