BrewDog’s Gold Can competition is back, with limited edition gold cans hidden in packs of its beers.

The competition returns after co-founder and CEO James Watt paid £500,000 of his own money for a “slightly miscommunicated previous iteration of the campaign”, with gold-plated cans and £5,000 as the prize.

The beer firm will also be providing the chance to win ‘Gold Pints’ plus many other prizes in BrewDog bars, via scratch cards for those spending £10 or more.

Orders placed on the BrewDog website will also offer the chance to bag the same prize, with online purchases offering double the opportunity to win. Every online order comes with a ‘Gold Pint’ scratch card, alongside a chance to find a special can within their order.

James Watt, co-founder and CEO of BrewDog, said: “Given that our previous Gold Can competitions were such plain sailing, it was the logical next step to do it all over again. That, and the fact that we had too many of these cans taking up space in the office.

“This time around, though, I’m keen to avoid forking out another half a million quid, so I’ll say it loud for the people at the back: these cans are gold plated, not solid gold! I hope that’s crystal clear. Disclaimer: there are no crystals available in these cans either.”