With Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approaching, Bonds Confectionery has launched some seasonal treats to get consumers in the mood.

The 140g packs of Cinder Toffee and 150g bags of Bonfire Treacle Toffee are set to appeal to both appeal adults and children who are looking for a long lasting snack. The toffees are suitable for sharing, trick or treat sweets, or as a self-indulgent snack.

“Conventionally, manufacturers have shied away from clear packs, but we’ve found that shoppers are becoming more conscious of what they are consuming and during our product testing for the traditional Cinder Toffee this packaging type was well received,” says managing director Philip Courtenay-Luck. “Bonfire Toffee lends itself to a more dramatic packet which is why the distinctive black and orange colouring was used.”

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