Ipswich based Big Drop Brewing Co., the UK’s first brewing company dedicated exclusively to making <0.5% ABV beer, continues to break new ground for low ABV drinks with the launch of a sour beer.

Big Drop Sour is light, refreshing and tart. It has a citrus aroma with a smooth, juicy tartness in the finish. It is crisp, dry and pairs well with strong cheese or seafood with a squeeze of lemon.

Big Drop Founder, Rob Fink, said: “Whilst the style is a popular one with many existing brands on the market, brewing a sour beer to just 0.5% ABV has taken a lot of planning and expertise.

“Our Master Brewer, Johnny Clayton, continues to challenge the norm so that we can offer a range of popular beer styles for those who are choosing to cut back on their alcohol consumption and the sour is an outstanding example of responding to current consumer trends.

“Just because someone may be cutting out or cutting back on alcohol doesn’t mean to say that they have to cut back on variety and taste.

“Big Drop sour is a very delicate, light summer beer which is inspired by the Berliner Weisse style. Brewer Johnny Clayton wanted to create the ultimate refreshing summer beer without the aggression of some sours on the market. “It’s made in a totally different way to other sours that drinkers may be used to” continued Fink “and Johnny worked hard to get the balance right. It’s not a kettle sour or wild bacteria ferment but his unique brewing style has created a gentle sour which is the perfect addition to our range.”

Big Drop Sour is available to order through Eebriatrade (www.eebriatrade.com), Dam Tasty Beer (www.damtastybeer.com) and The Bottle Shop (https://bottle.shop).

For information on stocking Big Drop beers, contact: rob@bigdropbrew.com.