Britvic Soft Drinks is launching a new range of infused sparkling waters using the Aqua Libra brand name from the 1990s.

Made simply with sparkling water infused with fruity flavours, the range is available in three flavours; Raspberry & Apple, Tangerine and Grapefruit & Pineapple and sold in 330ml cans.

The new line-up contains no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavourings, and falls below the sugar levy threshold. At under three calories per can, the Aqua Libra range offers health-conscious consumers a convenient, on-the-go and refreshing drink.

Trystan Farnworth, commercial director of convenience and impulse at Britvic, said:: “Across many categories in food and drink, we now often see smaller entrants re-setting category rules with products that are both tasty and healthy. Aqua Libra has purposely been designed by a small entrepreneurial team within Britvic and there is a lot of excitement surrounding this launch’s potential, particularly considering the recent introduction of the Sugar Levy. In Soft Drinks, Aqua Libra is the perfect choice for those who often prioritise health, but want bubbles with taste without the sugary sweetness of other soft drinks.

“With huge growth opportunities expected for the booming water plus category, which is currently worth £82m (Nielsen, February 2018) as health remains high on the agenda for so many consumers now and in years to come, stocking a range of innovative waters such as Aqua Libra presents retailers with a great way to tap into the health trend and drive sales.”

Aqua Libra is being being rolled out to selected retailers throughout 2018.