Always, the Procter and Gamble (P&G) femcare brand, says it is revolutionising the way women purchase pads by changing its packaging to communicate the shape and strength of each size more effectively. 

Always Ultra pads are available now (RRP £2.29) and the launch is being supported by a TV campaign and in-store support that will drive awareness of the new era for femcare shopping. 

The brand is the first to market with a new size indicator that makes it easier for women to find the right pad for them.

Lourdes Fuentes, brand manager, Feminine Care Northern Europe, said: “Every woman is different and this is reflected in both their personal and physical needs. We’re proud to be launching a range of pads that allows each and every woman to purchase the best fit for her, ultimately leading to the best protection.

“The fact that half of women don’t currently wear the best pad for them is an alarming statistic. We’re on a mission to put this right and provide women with the comfort and protection they deserve. Retailers are the gateway for us to communicate the importance of wearing the right shape and size. We’re urging all stores to review which femcare products are currently on offer and ensure a wide range is available to break the autopilot of a woman’s purchasing routine.”