Wendy Lanigan, who runs Lanigans in Aintree, Merseyside says: “When I do get a break at work, I like to tuck into a packet of crisps with whatever I’m having for lunch. Usually I stick to something basic like ready salted or cheese & onion, but if I’m at home I do like the big sharing bags, such as Sensations.”

Richard Commotto, who runs the Little Village Shop in Winchelsea, East Sussex, comments: “I do like a packet of crisps from time to time but mostly eat types of nut, especially when I’m in the local pub. The bigger bagged varieties of crisps are always good because they seem to include the most unusual flavours.”

Oliver Lynsey, equity release consultant, says: “My choice is very old school and I don’t know if many outlets do them any more, but I love tomato Space Invaders. If I had to pick something more up to date it would have to be McCoys because the advertising that goes with them is spot on; they really do go well with a pint.”

Claire Mason, PR firm managing director, says: “There’s nothing better than sitting down with a glass of wine and a packet of Kettle Chips. They’re good to eat on your own and also when you have some friends round. Apart from them I would choose Sensations or Doritos, which are perfect for a night in watching the TV.”

Jazz Singh, who runs the Nisa Metro in Leeds city centre, says: “If I want to be healthy I’ll have some fruit, but for other snacking times I have a packet of crisps: McCoys or just ready salted. Working in a c-store, you have to be careful not to graze your own stock, or there’d be nothing left for the customers!”

Paul Sheppard, who manages the Smile Local store in Bath, Somerset, comments: “I don’t want to sound like a commercial but it’s true what they say about Pringles, once you pop, I, for one, can’t stop. I don’t really worry about being healthy when it comes to snacking because I always consider them to be a treat.”

Daryl Newman, senior PR consultant, says: “I can’t resist chocolate macaroons - are they a snack? - they’re just delicious and I could easily eat them all day. On the crisp side it would have to lightly salted Doritos. They’re good to share and mix with dips. However, like the macaroons they can be very addictive.”

Lara Savage, Oddbins wine advisor, comments: “I suppose I’d better pick something that goes well with wine but I can’t think of anything, so I’ll plump for Walkers salt & vinegar. I always seem to pick them. You know where you stand with salt & vinegar, although unfortunately they do make me thirsty.”