JTI is committed to stamping out the illicit trade and has a variety of systems in place to do so: 

- Stringent supply chain controls and Know Your Market (KYM) programmes. JTI’s KYM programmes help it ensure that it supplies products only in quantities which are appropriate to the level of legitimate demand 

- Know Your Customer policies to help ensure identity of those in the supply chain 

- Track and Trace solutions enabling it to identify customers and link products back to the time of manufacture 

- Delisting of brands in markets when necessary l Investigations into the illicit tobacco trade are carried out with the support of more than 100 service providers around the world 

- Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding with authorities across the world, including the EU and HMRC 

- Penalties of up to 400% of the taxes/duties applicable on genuine JTI products seized under EU agreement 

JTI’s view on what government needs to do: 

- Adopt appropriate tax policies such as a freeze in tobacco taxes 

- Reduction of allowances for travellers into the UK from 3,200 cigarettes to 800 

- Greater resources to detect the illegal manufacture and shipment of illicit products 

- Education and awareness about the true nature of the criminal organisations running the illicit trade.

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