PayPoint has vowed to improve its service to retailers in a frank interview with Convenience Store.

The bill payment service provider criticised in the past by C-Store readers for its lack of support admitted that it hadn't communicated with agents as effectively as it would have liked, and pledged to do better in future.

PayPoint head of field sales Gerry Hooper said that retailer engagement would now top its list of priorities.

"We're aware that some retailers are concerned that they hadn't seen anyone from PayPoint in a while and we're trying to find ways to do this better, including improving effort in the field and through in-store surveys," he said.

Retailer visits by members of the field sales team would also be stepped up as part of a new retailer engagement strategy. "We want to spend more time with retailers and look at how the business can be developed," Hooper added.

However, there would be no change to the levels of commission that retailers earn, another area of concern raised by C-Store readers.

"We feel that the commissions offered to retailers are competitive given the market, and offer a fair balance to both our retail agents and our clients," PayPoint business development director Tim Watkin-Rees commented.

PayPoint is also hoping to increase its range of services. It recently tendered a bid with the Department of Work & Pensions to offer welfare payments, a contract which the Post Office currently holds. A decision is expected later this year.