PayPoint is beginning trials of its new PPOD system, which enables transactions to take place at the retailer’s normal till rather than through the dedicated PayPoint terminal.

Under the initiative, an additional button for PayPoint transactions appears on the touch-screen at the till point, enabling transactions to be added to the shopping basket with a single payment. The new system will mean customers buying goods as well as making bill payments won’t have to queue up twice, and it will also save retailers time and effort with daily reconciliation.

A convenience retailer in Bedfordshire is running the trial, after software development by his epos technology provider and PayPoint. The test is to assess how the system performs under real-life conditions, but barring any major problems PPOD should be ready to roll out early in the new year.

Convenience chain Martin McColl, which recently rolled out PayPoint to all 1,300 of its stores, has already expressed interest in the new system.