Palmer and Harvey (P&H) has published a guide for retailers to help comply with upcoming EUTPD2 tobacco legislation.

From May 20 2017, it will be against the law to sell packs of cigarettes containing less than 20 sticks, RYO tobacco of less than 30g, or any pack featuring manufacturer brand logos or pricemarks. A ban on the manufacture of these items was introduced in May this year, but existing stock can continue to be sold in retail outlets until May 2017.

The new guide, developed following research by P&H and with input from major manufacturers, outlines the 2017 regulations, as well as those that will follow in later years. It also includes best practice advice and lessons learned from Australia after similar legislation was introduced in 2012.

Research conducted at the company’s Pro-retail exhibition found 33% of retailers hadn’t heard of the new legislation, and 63% were concerned about the impact it will have. The guide has been designed to inform retailers about how to deal with the transition efficiently, with specific details on how the new rules will affect packaging, display, quality and pricing of tobacco.

Paul Hagon, group strategy and development director at P&H, said: “Our customers will now have received the guide and we want to encourage them to use this as a resource to help and advise them through the introduction of EUTPD2.

“While retailers will see changes when the new legislation is introduced, we want to ensure them that there is no need to panic, but instead, plan and react accordingly, and we hope this guide will become a vital tool for them in the build up to May 2017.”

A digital copy of the guide can be downloaded here. Versions in Urdu and Gujarati are also available.