Nisa is poised to launch its first ever TV advertising campaign as it seeks to boost consumer awareness of the brand and its retailer membership.

The campaign, which will hit screens on December 27 and air for six weeks, will cost the company more than £1.3m.

However, with the series of ten and 30 second ads expected to reach more than 75% of the population, the sum would be more than worth it, chief executive Neil Turton said.

The ads highlight its retailers’ independence and community involvement, and the timing of the launch between Christmas and New Year was perfect, he said.  

“Our ads will start just as the multiples’ start to wane. The post-Christmas period is a hugely positive time for convenience stores, as consumers are weary of supermarkets and their credit cards are maxed out, so that small stores are the perfect alternative."

The timing was also right for the company, which, with 800 member stores, had now achieved enough “critical mass” to justify the spend, Turton said.

“We are now in a position to concentrate on new areas and prove to retailers that we are about so much more than just a buying group and a central distribution system.”

The team hopes that the new consumer ads, which will be complemented by an extensive trade marketing campaign for retailers, will see it attract more than 200 new members in 2011.

“These will come both from unaffiliated independents looking for a bit more support, as well as other disenchanted symbol group retailers,” Turton said. “Once we’ve got the campaign off the ground I can see no good reason why any retailer would not want to be involved in our business model.”