The new chairman of Nisa’s symbol group committee has set out his stall to make the fascia much more widely recognised as “a great place to shop locally”.
Bedfordshire retailer Kishor Patel, whose appointment was announced at last weekend’s Nisa conference in Dubai, told C-Store that one of his top priorities will be to get the Nisa brand in front of consumers, so that they can understand “what it means and what it delivers”.
He continued: “I look forward to working with members, the Nisa team and suppliers to make the Nisa brand one that really means something to consumers.”
Kishor’s other priorites include improving retailers’ skills and developing systems to make members’ back-office operations more efficient, driving down costs and making retailers more productive.
“Anything that gives retailers more time on the shop floor will help to improve their communications with the local community and make them more profitable,” he added.