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  • Big Night In Occasion
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    Big up the big night in


    The lure of staying in shows no sign of waning, but retailers need to shout about their offer if they are to avoid missing out to the mults.

  • Warner's Budgens Flavoured Teas
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    The hot news for hot brews


    It’s all about the speciality options in hot beverages today, as younger shoppers demand barista-style coffees and health-boosting teas.

  • Display

    Look and learn


    Innovative new research has taken a shopper’s eye view to find the most effective displays a retailer can use to create sales in their store.

  • Tracie Horner, Eurospar Carrowdore, Northern Ireland
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    Equipped for the future


    New equipment and services can bring in new customers and make your store fit for the future. C-Store looks at what retailers are investing in

  • phone

    A smart way of marketing


    Social media marketing is a vital business tool, but many retailers still struggle to win over shoppers online. Here we highlight top web tricks.

  • apple

    A 'nanny state' c-store


    As new figures reveal record highs in childhood obesity and the government questions whether to roll out more red tape around unhealthy products, retailers are questioning whether they are doing enough to promote healthy eating to children.

  • Selfie wine image
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    Put wine in the frame


    Wine is up against a multitude of challenges, but manufacturers are working to keep wine relevant to capture a new generation of drinkers 

  • Day Today Troon
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    How to make craft work


    Craft beers and cider may be a fast-changing category, but it’s worth doing the leg work to ensure you cash in on its growing following

  • Spirits
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    Toast the high-end tipple


    Spirits sales are spilling over as shoppers choose to splash out and impress their guests with fancy bottle designs and new flavours 

  • Food hygiene

    Sign up to high standards


    All stores will soon have to display their food hygiene ratings for all shoppers to see, so it’s crucial retailers run a five-star operation.

  • Healthy food

    It’s hip to be healthy


    The hottest story in the aisles of the recent National Convenience Show was the rise of healthy products and their potential for the convenience sector. C-Store speaks to retailers and suppliers about the must-have products appearing on health-conscious shopping lists.

  • Summer drinks
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    Summer drinks: Give reasons to celebrate


    The sun has the knack for putting smiles on faces and even more so for c-store retailers who can count on this season to pull in BWS shoppers

  • Chocolate bars
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    Raise the bar in chocolate


    Demand for chocolate treats remains strong, but today’s shoppers are also keen to try out premium products and those with a healthy twist. 

  • Soft drinks levy

    Soft drinks levy: Sweet talking


    Retailers are being urged to take a long hard look at their soft drinks aisle as the Soft Drinks Industry Levy comes into force. C-Store examines the impact it has already had on the big brands and its likely impact on your sales.

  • Protein products
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    Protein: Making it to the mainstream


    Turns out protein is not just a fad. It’s time for all retailers to get in on the products that now appeal to a wider variety of convenience customers

  • Cake and Biscuits fixture
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    Cakes and biscuits: Keeping it sweet?


    Time for tea means time for cakes and biscuits, and shoppers are 
continuing to shop for these treats despite the healty eating message

  • Eisberg wines

    Low-alcohol labels 'misleading and unfair', say drinks brands


    Low and zero-alcohol drink manufacturers are rallying support for their campaign to improve labelling. 

  • Day-Today Barassie

    Day-Today Barassie, South Ayrshire


    Being new to store ownership isn’t holding back this business duo, whose combined talents have helped double sales at their first store and expand with a second.

  • Healthy snacks on shelf
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    Go nuts for healthy snacks


    Shoppers are thinking more about the ingredients in their food, and as a result snacks that tick the healthy box are growing in popularity

  • Easter novelties
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    Create the eggs factor


    Despite tough competition on price, c-stores can win over the crowds at Easter thanks to the trends for luxurious gifts and self-treating

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