The newest Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) board member Nigel Dowdney is calling on independents to get more involved with the industry. 

At the time of his first board meeting with the ACS, the Norfolk retailer said that independents should be lobbying MPs when it comes to legislation that affects them, and get more involved with the communities they work in.

"It's important we work together to protect our industry," said Nigel. "We're being used as scapegoats in a lot of situations and government seems to be content with placing legislation to make our lives more difficult rather than working with us. Most of us are responsible retailers and we need to start making people aware of this."

Nigel also encouraged more independent retailers to join the ACS. "The ACS provides plenty of advice, as well giving independents a forum to meet and share ideas. Independent retailing can be a lonely existence and having the opportunity to meet others in the same situation is invaluable."