The National Federation of SubPostmasters (NFSP) has stepped up its support for the Post Office as it attempts to win the 10-year DVLA contract currently up for tender.

The NFSP is calling on all members to write to their MP urging them to take action. It has created a pro-forma letter on its website for subpostmasters to use.

According to NFSP general secretary George Thomson, if the PO network doesn’t win the contract, “many Post Offices would undoubtedly struggle to survive”.

“The network needs this new work if it is to be financially sustainable in the future,” he said.

Thomson has also written to Transport Secretary Justine Greening outlining his fears and urging her to award the network to the Post Office.

The new DVLA contract would cover services across the entire United Kingdom and is estimated to be worth £60m a year in income. Post Offices already carry out a small number of jobs for the DVLA, such as tax discs and processing driving licence applications. The new contract would include more services including change of ownership details and changes to number plates.

A decision on the contract is expected in September.