The killer of retailer Mahesh Wickramasingha has lost an appeal to reduce his prison sentence.

Sam Harrison was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of manslaughter. Although acquitted of murder, Harrison felt the sentence was “excessive” and that eight years would be more appropriate.

He was turned down by Justice Keith at the London Court of Appeal on the grounds that  the sentence “was not excessive enough to warrant a review”.

The incident took place in November last year when Harrison entered Stanley News in Huyton, Liverpool brandishing a knife. In his attempt to rob the store, he grabbed Mahesh and accidentally stabbed the retailer in the throat.

Harrison escaped a sentence for murder when the jury agreed that Mahesh impaled himself rather than it being an intentional act.

The victim’s brother Manjula was relieved that the sentence would not be reduced.

“He has not shown any remorse for what he has done and this appeal just rubbed salt into our wounds. It was insulting,” he said. “He should be thankful he was cleared of murder and take his merciful punishment. I am relieved that it was not reduced. We can never come to terms with the loss of Mahesh.”