The FWD My Shop is Your Shop (MSYS) campaign is seeking retailers' opinions on the viability of introducing a recyclable shopping bag for the independent sector.
MSYS chairman Alan Toft believes that a centrally sourced bag distributed through the wholesaler network would offer the lowest cost option to retailers. "The giant multiples have massive buying power which they can use to manipulate the millions of shoppers who support recycling and a ban on plastic bags," he told Convenience Store. "Can we allow them to be the exclusive suppliers of recyclable bags to the growing army of housewives who support the ban? It would be possible for the wholesale/independent sector to meet consumer demand for a recyclable shopping bag on acceptable cost terms if the bags were bought in volumes which would supply wholesaler and retailer needs on an industry basis."
MSYS has produced a provisional design for the bag, bearing the slogan 'I'm an independent person - I use my local store' on a green background.
Toft asks: "If independent c-stores, newsagents and rural shops want to tune into the anti-plastic lobby, what price levels do they believe would be acceptable to their customers?"
Convenience Store readers can give their views, and suggest designs for the bag, by emailing