Nisa retailers in the Midlands have clubbed together to donate almost £30,000 to the disabled children and young people’s charity KIDS.

The large sum was amassed following a charity ball held in November and money raised in their stores through the Making a Difference Locally charity (MADL). 

KIDS will use the funds to start the redevelopment of its Early Years Centre in Birmingham.

A proportion of the money will also be used to help the KIDS Orchard Centre in Dudley to support the children in various activities throughout the year.

This donation follows the £30,000 that was donated by the same group of retailers to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital earlier in 2010.

Midlands based Nisa retailer, and part of the ball organizing committee, Jas Sunner said she was thrilled to be part of the group who had made such a tangible difference to the lives of local children.

KIDS fund-raising and marketing coordinator Gayle Kirkwood thanked all the retailers involved. “The money raised by the committee will help enormously to support the essential services we provide to families caring for adisabled child across the West Midlands. We cannot thank the retailers enough for their support and generosity – without them we would not have been able to start this important work.”