McColl’s has launched an online training initiative to all of its 22,000 employees, covering a range of topics from health and safety to customer service.

The employees are set to benefit from a new digital learning platform from Bolt Learning, with the first training taking place this month.

McColl’s talent and capability manager, Karyn Psyl-Thomson, said: “Providing excellent customer service is at the core of McColls offer, in order to deliver this promise, we need to have outstanding colleagues.

“Working with Bolt will allow us to provide even more quality training to raise the knowledge, capability and engagement levels of our colleagues even further and will give us detailed analytics to identify any opportunities to grow.”

Bolt Learning head of customer proposition, Katie Jenkins, said: “McColl’s managers were very excited about the prospect of expanding their knowledge and skills, we got very positive reactions to the training modules created so far. It’s clear they are keen to learn; 96% said they intend to carry out the training on their own devices, with a third saying they’d use their own tablet and a quarter saying they’d do it on their smartphones. ”