A forecourt store in Brentford is doing its bit to pump up community engagement by offering behind the scenes tours to local nursery school children.

The busy JET service station was closed to the public for one hour last month while 25 children aged between three and five, and their teachers visited.

As well as learning how a tanker delivers fuel, the children got to see inside one of the fuel tanks, had a go at cleaning cars using the site’s hand car wash and had the chance to sit in an Aston Martin.

The visit ended with a snack from the forecourt store and each child received a JET torch to take home. 

The site’s business development manager Manoj Agnihotri said: “Some people might think I’m mad closing the site on a busy Tuesday morning, but I don’t think you can put a value on creating community goodwill.

“The children, teachers and our staff had a whale of a time and we’ve had so much positive feedback from the nursery, parents and other local businesses, with everyone saying what a great thing we’re doing for the kids.

“Many parents have also said that they’ll definitely be using our petrol station in the future!”