C-store retailers have accused the multiple supermarkets of hijacking Easter with their price-cutting deals.
Sainsbury's is running a 'three eggs for £3.50' offer and Tesco's three-for deal costs consumers £3.75.
"Easter used to belong to the independents but multiples have taken it over," said Matthew Lanigan of Lanigans in Aintree, Liverpool. He has stopped selling eggs because he can't buy them as cheaply as the multiples can sell them.
Trevor Parkes of Parkes News and Toys in Poole, Dorset, still has 'two for £3' offers but has halved his stock in recent years.
However, some stores are using a different strategy. Nigel Wallis of Wallis & Son, Barton, Cambridge, has ditched most mainstream egg brands to focus on premium and speciality varieties. "We have a far greater range than the multiples," he said.
Mike Tipping, head of
customer relations at Cadbury Trebor Bassett, argues that convenience retailers do not need to try to match the deep price cuts of the multiples to make a success out of Easter.
He said: "Sales in the convenience sector aren't focused on price; the issue about Easter is either do it or don't do it. History shows that if you create a good display with well-communicated deals, shoppers will buy."