A community store in Gloucestershire, run by 650 members of the village of Blockley, has joined Nisa.

Blockley Village Shop, set up in 2008 when the last remaining shop faced closure, chose to join the group because both parties shared the same ethos, said member Tim Boddington.

“We are delighted to be Nisa members because we follow the same ethos with a very similar ownership, with our store owned by the community and Nisa owned by members,” he said.

“Before joining we visited several existing Nisa stores and found the retailers to be very pleased with the service and in particular with delivery and availability levels achieved, when compared with other operators in the field, including our previous supplier.

“Throughout the process of moving over to Nisa we have been given plenty of support and have built a relationship with our Nisa retail development manager, fresh food development manager and store development manager.”

Former Costcutter member Kuldip Sandhar and his wife Ajeet, based in Newport, Shropshire, have also joined Nisa after having to regularly visit the cash and carry to make up for the lack of stock due to poor service levels.

Kuldip said: “I started having to go to the cash and carry just to keep something on my shelves. I gave them a few weeks to sort things out, I spoke to the area manager so many times and even complained - something I never do.

“So we joined Nisa, and we will shortly have a modern, fully refurbished Nisa Local store. I ordered 360 cases and 358 were delivered- with Costcutter I could have had as many as half missing. The drivers were really pleasant and cheerful, and so polite. Now I wish I’d moved to Nisa straightaway.”