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Independent retailers will receive "extra ammunition" in the battle for market share when a new super-value grocery range hits shelves at Booker this week.
Booker Group chief executive Charles Wilson said its new Euro Shopper range, which currently comprises 30 "essential" pricemarked products, would give retailers a greater competitive edge against the multiples and discounters such as Aldi, Lidl and Netto.
"Euro Shopper has been deliberately priced to compete with the discounters, but unlike many other value ranges on the market, it also provides shoppers with great quality. There is nothing else quite like it around," he said.
Wilson added that the decline of grocery chain Kwik Save presented many independent retailers with a "golden opportunity" to drive sales and increase their market share.
"There is now a gap in the market which Euro Shopper can help them to fill," he said.
Trials at three Booker depots in the North East had already resulted in "incremental" sales for many retailers, Wilson explained.
He added that the new range, which is supported by bold packaging and point of sale material, formed an important part of Booker's recovery plan. "It supports our long-term goals of improving choice, price and service for all of our members."
The initial range will be available in all 172 Booker depots from this week, and will be extended at a later date.
Wilson was confident that the wholesaler was also on track with its plan to become the UK's "best and biggest supplier to small businesses" by March 2008.
Improvements to delivery services, on-line operations and depot layouts would be key to achieving this goal, he added.

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