Nisa-Today’s has agreed a ‘best of both worlds’ approach to branding c-stores where the owner has developed a strong local name. Following the launch of the HeadS fascia in partnership with Anglian Convenience Stores in Norfolk, Nisa-Today’s has announced that South West-based retail business David Cooper, which has two of its four stores under the Nisa symbol, will next month start to relaunch all four stores under the name Cooper. Nisa-Today’s expects 30 or so members to sign up for the new co-branding concept within the next 12-18 months.

Nisa-Today’s group commercial managing director Neil Turton said: “We recognise the need to provide an alternative to our pure symbol group formats.

Co-branding allows stores with a strong community presence to retain the name they’ve cultivated while benefiting from symbol group support.”