A redesigned UK passport which will make verifying personal details far easier is now being issued to citizens.

The new 10 year passport also has strengthened security features to make it much harder to counterfeit or doctor.

The personal details page of the passport, which includes information on the holder's age and date of birth, has been moved from the back of the book to the second page, which should make verifying a person's age and identity much quicker, Identity and Passport Service chief executive Sarah Rapson said.

The chip which stores the holder's details has also been moved to the inside cover making it no longer instantly visible.

"Through its combination of physical and electronic security features, the UK passport remains one of the most secure and trusted documents in the world, meeting rigorous international standards," Rapson added.

The new passport also contains pictures of well-known UK scenes, including the White Cliffs of Dover, the Gower Peninsula and the Giant's Causeway.