Two entrepreneurs in Brighton, East Sussex, are attempting to open their own chain of ethical food stores through crowdsourcing for funding.

Organised by sisters Amy and Ruth Anslow, How it Should Be (HISBE) aims to offer responsibly-sourced, affordable food to customers, something they feel the multiples are not doing.

“We think that after 50 years of doing their thing, supermarkets have become out of date and out of touch with people,” said Amy. “They’ve got carried away with what their shareholders and directors want, instead of doing what’s right for their customers.”

The sisters have secured a site for their first store in Brighton and have funded the majority of the project themselves, but the duo are appealing for £30,000-worth of donations through a Buzzbnk campaign at that offers discount vouchers for anyone who donates to the cause.

Amy insists it will not compete with local independent retailers as it will boast a different offering.

Although partially funded through customer donations, it will not be a community-owned store, and aims to pay all staff who work there the living wage of £7.45, as well as paying business rates.