A new independent ethical grocery store concept is hoping to expand following a successful pilot in Brighton.

Hisbe - which stands for ‘how it should be’ - was founded by sisters Amy and Ruth Anslow in 2013.

The social enterprise store stocks a comprehensive range, including fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, grocery, frozen, household goods and Free From products, with a major focus on local and ethical goods.

The concept is proving to be a hit in Brighton with the store recording more than 2,500 shopper visits a week. With sales growing, the sisters have set their sights on opening up to 10 new stores in the region.

Products are generally sold with reduced margins at prices which often undercut the supermarkets.

“We make good food more affordable in many ways, including working directly with local family-run farms and producers in Sussex and selling fruit, veg and dry goods by weight,” Amy said.

“We sell packaged food and groceries below the supplier’s rrp and people are often pleasantly surprised by our prices, especially where they see we’re beating the big supermarkets.

“We are seeking to break the mould of the way supermarkets are run. We’re about fairness and making enough to run a sustainable business, not about squeezing suppliers and customers to benefit our profit.”

“Industry benchmarks estimate that for every £1 spent in a big four supermarket, only 7-10p of that reaches the supplier,” Amy added. “In our store 69p of every £1 spent goes back to the supplier.”

Till receipts show how much goes to the supplier and how much goes the company.