Conservative MP Mike Weatherley has called for answers on compensation for small businesses affected by the riots last August.

Weatherley tabled the question in Parliament following the announcement that some Police Authorities have classed the riots of last August as ‘violent disorder’, which may mean that some businesses won’t be eligible for compensation under the Riot Damages Act.

Weatherley, who is also chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Retail & Business Crime, has also written to minister for policing Nick Herbert on the subject.

“Given the importance of this matter, I felt that an urgent question was the best way to highlight this matter to the minister and the House,” said Weatherley. “Sadly it appears that there exists a shocking and ongoing attempt by some Police Authorities to re-write history and say the riots of last August were merely incidents of ‘violent disorder’ rather than rioting. This leaves businesses around the country out of pocket.”