Martin McColl stores will be the first in the UK to offer customers £5-only cash machines.

The machines, to be rolled out by operator Bank Machine, will dispense only £5 notes up to a maximum of £50 in 21 McColl's stores around the UK.

The initiative is part of Bank Machine's 'Fight for Fivers' campaign to get more £5 notes in circulation. Bank Machine managing director Ron Delveno said: "The improved circulation of £5 notes will assist retailers by reducing reliance on cumbersome £1 and £2 coins when giving customers change."

Customers on a budget are also expected to appreciate the smaller notes so they can control their spending, he added.

Steve Bassett of Londis Weymouth believes that the machines will have limited benefits. "I don't think anyone is going to go to a particular store just so they can withdraw £5 notes, and it'll mean retailers will have to count more notes at the end of the day," he said.

The latest Convenience Tracking Programme from research consultants HIM revealed that 64% of consumers who use a cash machine in a store would spend some of the money in that particular shop.