Musgrave Budgens Londis (MBL) is shaking up its supply chain in a bid to give retailers a better service.

It has improved picking accuracy levels from 96.8% to 99.7% by stepping up the number of spot checks at its loading bays and addressing complaints from retailers with the highest level of order errors.

“We gave them real care and attention,” said Mark Aylwin, MBL supply chain director, “and made sure the guys on the shop floor realised how valuable their work is.”

MBL is now aiming for 100% accuracy and plans to invest in new technology and improved procedures by enlisting the help of focus groups. Retailers will have the opportunity to speak out on issues such as whether they want longer lead times on products if they take deliveries at different times.

The company also aims to reduce damage to stock. MBL has invested in custom-built cages to protect beer cans and, as a result, beer deliveries have a lot more fizz. Beer had constituted half the company’s damaged stock but can damage is now negligible, according to Aylwin.

He said Londis had not always insisted on the best quality cages. “It was an area of massive loss for us and we realise that when retailers get only a couple of deliveries a week they might consider going somewhere else. Our vision is to become a ‘customer-centric’ division with a real passion for service,” added Aylwin.

“We have put up pictures of retailers in centres so that people get a feel for who they are.”

Two new appointments, Andy Robertson as network controller and Peter Hutchinson as fresh controller, aim to strengthen the supply chain management team further.