Camelot has streamlined its National Lottery Sales Improvement Programme (SIP), lowering the minimum sales target but at the same time cutting the notice period for removing poor-performing terminals from stores.

With effect from September 1, the minimum weekly sales target will be cut from £1,400 to £1,000, meaning that the number of retailers taking part in the SIP will drop by 80%. Under the new format, each programme will last only nine weeks instead of two years, giving retailers much less time to increase their sales above the minimum level.

Retailers who have had an on-line terminal for less than 12 months will be exempt from the programme, as will retailers in remote areas designated as ‘community outlets’.

Camelot explained that the changes means it can focus resources on the poorest performing retailers in the estate, and allow underperforming terminals to be redistributed more quickly.

There are currently 26,500 National Lottery retailers, with a further 100,000 stores on the waiting list for a terminal. Camelot reviews the entire estate every 12 weeks and has introduced an extra 1,400 terminals in the past two years, with the split at 60:40 in favour of independents.

The company added that it did not expect this ratio to change “in the foreseeable future”.