A new Londis scheme which encourages value-driven shoppers to choose own label goods over big brands has divided opinion among the group's retailers.

The 'Swap and Save' campaign is intended to show that Londis products are a better buy than their branded equivalents by highlighting the price difference between two baskets of food.

Londis managing director Phil Smith said the scheme would appeal to value hungry shoppers. "We are committed to supporting our retail partners, enabling them to deliver excellent value to shoppers through an own brand that offers great quality at a better price," he said.

However, not all Londis members were convinced. One Surrey retailer told C-Store that he didn't believe the price difference would be enough to prompt shoppers to switch.

"People won't swap just to save 10p here and there," he said. "People just like brands and the quality and heritage they offer."

Barrie Seymour of Liversedge, West Yorkshire, was more optimistic. "The own label range looks so much more premium since the redesign. I'm confident that this could work out well."