Kent police say they are keeping an open mind as to whether the latest ram raid in Kent is linked to similar incidents in the county.
Retailer Raj Patel was the latest to suffer at the hands of ram-raiders targeting cash machines when a hooded gang struck at Hadlow Foodstores, Kent, in the early hours of August 11.
They used a rope and two vehicles, one a 4x4, to wrench the door of the shop from its hinges before dragging the cash machine from the back wall.
Villagers, including a family living above the store, witnessed the incident, although nobody was injured.
Raj told Convenience Store that the damage would run into thousands and has vowed not to install a new ATM. He said: "I installed the ATM to provide a service to the community, but I can't risk putting in a new one."
Kent Police are also investigating a raid on Bob's Store in Gravesend.