JTI has launched a new trade website designed to give retailers an instantly-accessible guide to the tobacco category.

The new platform, JTI Advance, has been developed in partnership with a group of leading independent retailers, including a number of C-Store Champions. As well as product and category information, the site also includes regional planograms, legislative information, a margin calculator and staff training guidance on age-restricted sales.

JTI Advance is optimised for viewing on smartphone or tablet as well as a desktop computer, and is also designed so that the latest price list is available in a single click whichever page in the website you are on. Users can also anonymously report illicit tobacco trading in their area through a single-click email to HMRC direct from the site.

Bracknell store owner Arjan Mehr said: “We are going through big changes in the tobacco category both legally and in the way that manufacturers are structured. It is imperative that retailers and tobacco companies work together in a responsible fashion in the run up to when tobacco goes dark.

“Trading standards are ever-present, so the training modules on the site in particular will be very useful for showing them due diligence.”

JTI head of communications Jeremy Blackburn added: “Our customers can think of this site as a 24-7 rep always available to help them raise standards and performance.

“This is in no way a replacement for our sizeable sales force, more a way of adding value to their activity.”

The website is located at www.jtiadvance.co.uk. The site is for tobacco traders only, so users need to register in order to access the information.